Apr 25, 2011

Habit #3 – Passion, Missing!

If fetish for low hanging fruit keeps a leader permanently anchored to low performance, lack of passion takes life and inspiration away from leadership – it is akin to a pond with no water.

Passion is a critical ingredient, litte else matters without it! With a leader who doesn't take risks, doesn't believe in learning or discovery, doesn't pursue meaningful goals,  effectiveness...the outcome is not entirely unfamiliar. These leaders never get out of beginners' zone, beyond a threshold that sucks!

This is a perfect environment for people...
to switch off and go on auto pilot – work becomes monotonous, a routine to endure. Creativity is an alien word, achievements are accidental, stars  are what appear at night.

What start as initiatives with potential end up as dud bombs, which people feel embarrassed, to talk about.

This also helps nurture coteries of fiefs – sucking up to bad leader for personal benefit, to detract him of any potentially left to fulfill. 

Antidote? There are none!

When a leader is not passionate, perhaps he is in a wrong job. This is not a behavioral issue, it runs deeper, it is about values, beliefs and convictions – deep stuff can't be taught, it can at best be inculcated or ingrained early in one's life. 

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