Apr 30, 2011

Habit #4 - I-M-C Syndrome

Inspiration, Motivation and Collaboration are means for achieving ends i.e. vision or mission. Failure to use these powerful tools undermines a leader’s ability to achieve goals/mission as he becomes solely dependent on his position and power to make people do what he wants them to do. People follow because they don’t have a choice and that is bad leadership.

This could happen because of four reasons:

1. Not believing in capacity of people to raise to the occasion, team members are seen either achievers or non-achievers.
Achievements are left to chance, fear mongering replaces inspiring, money is used as sole motivation.

2. Lacking vision, lacking interest or initiative or not knowing these tools and how to use them indicate wrong people in leadership role, period.

Failing to collaborate with those who can help achieve goals takes faith and trust away, causes stagnation and breeds negative environment in the organization - this hastens failure as leader works in isolation disconnected from the world around him, often producing results that don’t matter or are of little consequence to the organization.
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