May 4, 2011

Quality Conundrum - Pampered Auditor’s Paradox

“Stupid is as stupid does” 
~ Anonymous

Organizations around the world choose auditing firms and pay them  to get certified in ISO standards and to get assessed for CMMI.

These auditors are loyal and understanding folks, especially towards their Indian customers ('hosts' is more apt). They don't mind flying (Of course, business class only) half way across the world, stay, eat, commute, entertain themselves and fly back home all at their hosts’ cost - they audit and certify their hosts as well.

Sometimes,this is despite the audit firm having an office in the country...
 - for instance you can choose an English auditor from London rather than an Indian auditor from Mumbai.

That's how there will be no withdrawal of ISO badges and no clichéd IT bellwether will ever be less than maturity level 5, ever! India will continue to shine forever with a world record number of honest CMMI level 5 companies in the world.

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